About Me

Brooklyn is a Los Angeles based photographer whose work focuses on fashion, cinematic portraiture, products, lifestyle, and events.

Brooklyn has a Bachelors Degree from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Upon graduating from ArtCenter, she began work at Forever 21 where she shot many web campaigns, global assets including in-store campaigns, and even a Times Square billboard. When Forever 21 launched their sister brand Riley Rose, she began photographing and producing creative for Riley Rose, again including in-store signage and web campaigns.  Brooklyn has since moved to NHN Global where she currently is the lead photographer and producing a full-studio buildout at NHN subsidiary FashionGo. Brooklyn is also writing this. Brooklyn feels strange bragging about herself in the third person. 

For more information on Brooklyn's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to have a conversation with Brooklyn where she uses the first person, feel free to get in touch.